How reputable is this website? (World's Healthiest Foods)

Every once in a while I’ll peruse the World’s Healthiest Foods website and I’ve often wondered how reputable it actually is. On one hand, they seem to reference plenty of sources and at least act like they know what they’re talking about. On the other hand, they seem to go too far and border on wacky, one example being them saying not to heat oils (their “healthy saute” means using broth instead of oil :dubious:). They claim they’re not for profit (yet they sell their books and other content via their site), but a large number of their people work for the same company that seems to push their site’s content.

Has anyone else perused this website to see if they’re actually stating truths or just another borderline wacky hippie site claiming that food will cure all ailments? Mumbo jumbo or sound food advice?

I did a lookup on the domain name (I used Whois (Dot) net but there are others you can use.

It’s owned by the George Mateljan Foundation of Hawaii. Googling George Mateljan Foundation will bring up some articles you may give you a clue.

You can also go to Charity Navigator (dot) Org to see if your foundation or charity or Non-Profit organization is listed there. Charity Navigator gives rating to see how much of your donations go to the cause and how much go into “expenses” (AKA waste, high salaries, bribing celebrities and agents to appear etc)

George Mateljan Foundation isn’t listed there, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad, just that they’ve no data on them yet.