How safe is gallium?

I’ve always wanted to play with gallium since it melts in your mouth and in your hands, and through the wonders of birthday money and ebay I now find myself in a position to get some. There’s one problem, I know nothing about it as far as safety is concerned. Is it safe to hold or is that a bad idea like with mercury? Do I have to scrub my hands raw after holding it or where protective gear? As much as I like the idea of playing with molten metal in my hands it’s definitley not worth poisoning myself over.

Darn, there go all my hopes and dreams. Thank you for your helpful and incredibly prompt response Eleusis.

How about [url=]Wood’s metal[/url, which has a mp of 66[sup]o[/sup]C.

Not very toxic but can still be melted with hot water.

I’ll see if I can find a similar alloy without the Cd.

Woods metal

Galinstan looks like fun

From their safety sheet:

Amalgam formation, eh? I wouldn’t gargle it. :smiley:

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