How Safe Is This ??

I recently had a conversation with a freind of mine who uses ones of those phone services to meet people. In the last 2-3 years she has been on this constantly leaving messages for this person or that person and awaiting thier replies. The idea of this service is to connect through the exchange of messages or talk live and eventually meet.

I decided to test this theory out and I was amazed how many people would say “where are you and can we meet tonight”?

Not only did I find this rushed but it also made me wonder what these people were on the line for in the first place. It would seem to me that if your willing to meet after exchanging only a few messages your rather desperate to get laid or your a freaking serial killer looking for your next victim.

My friend has met many men on this service for the sole purpose of “gettin busy”. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for a good roll in the hay but it seems to me that this is an extremely dangerous way to go about it.
Am I being closed minded here or does this all seem a little crazy? Opinions welcomed :slight_smile:

Seems deplorable, or perhaps thats too harsh a word.

Much too scary for me.

Sounds real crazy. If I were single and not living in fear of the common cold, much less other less survivable diseases, I would thank god for the internet. If you’re looking for more of a long-term, slow buildup, you need to make that clear.

Oh, and if you actually are looking to get busy, you could avoid the serial killer possibility (or minimize it) by responding to several guys, and meeting them at the same time.

Say, does Canuckia get many serial killers?

“Oh, and if you actually are looking to get busy, you could avoid the serial killer possibility (or minimize it) by responding to several guys, and meeting them at the same time.”
lol at this comment … meet a bunch at once. So instead of just one serial killer, you get a whole group of em? Is that similar to a discount or what? For the low price of $19.99 we will throw in 5 extra serial killers to ensure that your evening is full of entertainment and surprise … lmao what ascary thought that is. :wink:
As for us getting alot of serial killers, we have had our share through the years. There is one guy in BC who is on trial as we speak for killing and burying what they have estimated as over 30 some Native women on his farmland…

I have heard of having a hobby but that goes beyond the call of duty if ya ask me…
take care :slight_smile:


It doesn’t sound safe. I wouldn’t do it.

Maybe not, but what they lack in quantity, they make up for in sickitude.

sickitude … lol I’ve got a little of that going on

I used a phone service once, and met a lovely chemical physicist (true story). She seemed pretty normal, though very smart. Too bad she moved away.

But I admit, many responses I got were from women looking for money in exchange for, uh, services. I expect that you, as a woman, would get bombarded by guys looking for quick sex. You have to sort out the messages, don’t give out your phone number (get theirs, though), talk a few times by phone, meet in a public place eventually. Don’t give out your home address until you know them.

Recently a woman recommended Lavalife to me. She said people really do meet decent people, and her sister works there. I was dubious, but she reassured me that it really can work. Another friend does the “singles walks” that happen in parks. The advantage is that you’re in a group, so you’re safer and can meet more people.

I don’t think it sounds close minded. I doubt I’d meet someone after having just chatted with them on the phone for the first time. I figure if someone is worth getting to know, they’re still going to be worth knowing after waiting a bit longer. If someone sounds desperate on the phone, my experience is they still seem desperate once I’ve met them. The only time I can say I’d break this rule is if it involved a group setting where I knew other people who were going to be there. I used to go to BBS gatherings way back when, but there was always a) someone there I already knew b) a public setting where serial maulings were unlikely to go unnoticed c) a friend or two who knew my whereabouts. I’d say trust your gut and don’t worry about what your friend thinks.