How serious a problem is air in your brake lines? + brake questions

“Rick has, as usual, done a nice job of answering several questions.”

You too Gary.

You two always beat me to the car answers.


I agree. This had worried me quite a bit. But I have since discovered that the 90-93 accord sedans were indeed built with both akebono and nissin calipers. I’m still considering returning the calipers however.

Sorry if I sounded defensive, I wasn’t trying to be.

I have been using a torque wrench, and the specified torque specs according to my haynes manual for the bolts. However the brake-hose to brake pipe and brake pipe to proportionality valve connections are nuts and I have never seen a tool which measures torque on that. A shop put those parts on for me however(big O tires).

also about the bleeding of the brakes. I hadn’t yet put on my calipers. bleeding them then would have been pointless wouldn’t it?

whups, sorry my question was kinda vauge. what I meant was if there was any sort of “dirt shield” that keeps the rubber rings and such from leaking as engine oil build up on the tubes and fittings etc in an Engine. I’ve heard stories about how people would switch to synthetic and their engines would die withen months. It seemed plausable to me that the same could happen to the braking system. You however alluded to it earlier and have such answered my question. Thank you.

I wasn’t thinking about skidding it when I was road testing the car. It was after I had gotten back that the idea had poped into my head.

HUH?! my pedal doesn’t sink. what I mean by sinking is if I put x pressure on my pedal and keep it constant the pedal would sink all by itself. That would indicate to me that my master cylinder seals were broken and there was fluid flowback. I’ve felt this before after helping my friend work on his brakes. I wouldn’t dare drive like that.

Ok, here i will defend myself. I live on an apartment complex very near the edge of davis. I limped the 1/8th mile on idle out to the extremely empty road at 3 am in the morning in order to test my brakes. I am not so careless as to not try and minimize any risks I take. What I did was what I consider an acceptable risk. It may not be to you, but I can and will respect that point of view.


Actually, I do not believe the pedal arm actually contacts the floor. However I am not postive and will check tommorow morning.
My car actually did this before my brakes broke. But considering my car is salvage I’m trying not to take anything for granted.

I am leaving tommorow for a trip(i’m not driving of course) so I might not be able to reply.
as of right now i’m thinking i’m going to have a shop bleed my brakes.