How Serious a Threat Is The "Gauss" Virus/Worm?

I just got notified by Kaspersky labs-a new virus, called “gauss”.
According to them, it originates in the ME, and steals on-line banking IDs, passwords, etc…
I’m considering ending all of my on-line financial activity-maybe it is safer to do it the old way (telephone, in-person)? This is carey-having your bank account hacked and assets stolen.
Anyone know just how serious a threat “Gauss” is?

Perhaps it would be an idea. Try it for a while and let us know how it went.

There’s a fair bit of preliminary information around about ‘Gauss’. For example, this is one of many recent news accounts about it.

Kaspersky says it almost certainly has the same origin as Stuxnet which means it’s likely government-sponsored (?USA ?Israel ?both). And, as mentioned in the linked article (and many others), since the virus targets middle east financial institutions, it is interesting to speculate that it’s part of a surveillance/attack effort on drug money laundering (and/or terrorist funding). That is a compelling notion, i.e. makes a lot of sense for a government-created virus affecting middle east banking systems to be just that.

You sure that’s all you know about it KarlGauss???

Oh, ME means Middle East. I was trying to think of something Internet related.