How should I cook a beef heart?

I got a beef heart today, and I’ll be eating probably half of it tonight. What are good ways to cook it? I’m probably going to saute it in a pan with some garlic and olive oil, if I get no better suggestions.

You shouldn’t. Throw it in the trash and make yourself a hamburger. :smiley:

Fast and bulbous!

Is it the same thing as a cow heart? Strip off all the linings, valves and cut off the tubes close to main muscle. It can be tough, so just slow cook it in a stew/casserole; something with red wine, herbs and tomatoes works well. The meat is quite dense and high in fats and cholesterol.

Mmmmm… valves and tubes.

Fill the valves with spices you enjoy. Then place it on a pile if sliced raw potatoes & carrots which is on a 2 foot square of aluminium foil. Fold up the aluminum around it and cook it on the foil via a skillet. Turn the item from time to time until it is cooked to your desire (rare, medium, well, whatever).

Then, carefully open up the foil & eat your heart out…!

Cook it slowly in a flaming cauldron in the bowels of hell. For eternity. And then slap yourself silly for even thinking such a thing is edible. You crazy kid. :eek:

How big is it?

As a kid, we were shown a “cow heart” as a lesson in anatomy and I swear the thing weighed at least 35 pounds.

Should definitely be done with a captain.

Sounds good! I don’t have wine, but the tomato and herb sounds good. I actually already sauted the first half, but I might do the tomato/herb thing for the other half tomorrow.

The linings and valves are already removed.

Well, I don’t know about beef heart, but one of my absolute favorite parts of a deer is the heart, sliced into about 3/4 inch ‘steaks’, and pan fried after a very quick dredging in some seasoned flour. Mmmm. It is not the most tender part, of course, but the flavor is out of this world.

I know nothing about the preparation of the heart re: tubes and valves, as my stepfather would take care of that before cooking. I would guess that a beef heart would taste similar, but less gamey, and if anything, would be more tender, since beef cattle, as a whole, do less aerobic activity than your average white tail.

Lamb’s hearts are better. We have them stuffed with a sage , onion and breadcrumbs and cooked very slowly in a casserole. You have to remove the valves before cooking.

The half I ate tonight was good, perhaps a just a tiny bit bitter though.

If you sprinkle it with Ranitidine, it will stop it from burning.

That’ll be the Mad Cow. :wink:

Actually, considering how cheap beef heart is I’ve been using it exclusively for my stir fry meat. I just make sure to marinate the meat first before cooking.

Why, with a lotta love of course!

You can actually cook and eat bee farts?