How should I sell this gold cap?

There have been several recent threads discussing the price of gold, and investing in gold. But I recently had a tooth with a gold cap pulled and I want to know how I can cash it in.

Are any of those “We’ll send you an envelope” companies safe? Do they buy at anything near the current listed price? Would I have to get the cap off the tooth first?

Do jewelers and/or pawn shops sell gold? Would they buy dental gold?

Any information will be appreciated. And I assume that I won’t get much, but I paid for the damn thing and if I can get anything back, I want it.

I asked my dentist and he gave me a preprinted envelope for an outfit that does this. I had to mail it and trust that they would send me the money, which they did - a whole $7. Maybe your dentist has info. I would look online and see what is out there, and if any seem reputable, or if you can find a site where people recommend places.

Cash4Gold has been the target of much criticism. They apparently offer far less than local pawn shops, on average. There’s a pawn shop in my town that posts their gold buying price every day. Today it was $1102 per ounce, IIRC.

My dentist gave me an envelope for Garfield Refining Company, and indicated they’d not had any negative feedback about them. I sent in three gold crowns and got a check for about $100. I did not remove the teeth from the crowns.

You’ll notice that they list the current day’s prices on their website ($1135/oz. as I write this). I’ve noticed that some companies don’t do this, and it makes me wonder if those those companies have something to hide.

ETA: I see that Cash4Gold has a holiday special, offering 25% more than their standard rates. That pretty well confirms that their standard rates are well below market value, and I wouldn’t be surprised if their “special holiday bonus” is still below what more reputable companies pay.

Garfield is an old established good company. I’d have no qualms about recommending them.

Thanks everyone. This is great. I’ll let you know how it goes.