How Soon Till LINKEDIN Hooks me Up With Vladimir Putin?

I keep getting those notices from LI-about how i am now connected with 50+ people that I have never met in my life. I once read that we are connected with everybody on the planaet, through 6 intermediary contacts. So, isn’t it about time i get linked to Vladimir?
I like VP-he is starting to resemble the late Benito Mussolini (Mussolini had a pet lion cub-Vlad has a tiger cub).
Of course, things ended (badly) for “Italia” (Mussolini’s pet lion)-the thing attacked him once, and Mussolini had it shot!

LinkedIn would not want the competition of Vlademir Putin being around. They like to control your actions themselves.

Is old Vlad a member? If not, it could be a while.

How exactly does LinkedIn control anyone’s actions?

This is more of a General Question than a Great Debate.

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There seem to be several Vladimir Putins on there but none of them are THE Vladimir Putin.

I was kind of wondering myself who the most famous person on LinkedIn is. A few quick searches: Bill Clinton doesn’t seem to be on there, neither is Hillary. Barack Obama is however, and he is already a 3rd degree connection of mine through four different people.

I’m not sure if Obama and Putin have ever met, but there are certainly people who know both of them. So the day Vladimir joins LinkedIn he will instantly be only 5 degrees away from me.

I’m a contact of Barack Obama on Flickr (along with over 7,000 other people) – it’s really not that difficult to get hooked up with some famous people on these social-networking sites.

Obama is a total LinkedIn slut. I’m a second degree connection through a guy I know at work. I bet there’s some staffer with a laptop who accepts pretty much any connection invite on his behalf.

I bumped into Sarah Palin on Facebook. She lives with her mom and dad in a small town in Australia.

LinkedIn has a tendency to suspend one’s account if they believe you are accepting too many invitations. They say that they only want you to network with people you actually have met. I think that is a funny thing for an internet-based networking site to do, but it is their site.

Actually Bill and Hillary Clinton are on there, but Hillary doesn’t seem to be accepting new invites, and it won’t let me view Bill’s profile at all.

They’re probably afraid of losing rep/effectiveness if you just link to anyone willy-nilly, since the lists would be so huge, especially if someone raises a stink like “I linked into him, [or “I hired someone because he had all these links” or “was linked to someone I trusted”] and he turned out to be a pedophilic embezzler! This is all YOUR fault, website!”