How strong is the world's strongest magnet? (man-made)

No, but when someone suggested they wanted to build a 45 Tesla magnet, I’d have expected someone to say, “What for?”.

'Cause it will go up to eleven!

Depends on how close you are planning to get the magnet to the ship. If you are getting it really close then you probably won’t need all that large a magnet (better have a strong chain and a decent tug boat though). If you are thinking to grab a passing ship from a long distance (say more than a few yards) then you can’t make a magnet that big. Magnetism doesn’t work very well at a distance.


Bwahahahahahahahaha…Oh! Damn!

Ah well…whooshed again. :slight_smile:


hahaha. Maybe one day it’ll pull the moon closer ala Bruce Almighty.