How super-anal are you

I hope Joe Blank likes that subject :slight_smile:

I’m in seventh heaven. I just got a steel 6" ruler with decimal equivalents of fractions from 1/64 to 63/64 etched on the back! Even better, this rule fits just perfectly in the back of my dial caliper’s case!!! Last night, while reading the New York Public Library Desk Reference (with my caliper snugly in bed with me), I measured the thickness of one page: .004", ten pages: .04", 100 pages: .4". I was just tickled pink.

How about you, what sort of super-anal things do you find yourself doing?

You sure you got that thing for measuring page thicknesses?

Why is anal used as an abbreviation for anal-retentive? Couldn’t it just as easily be used as shorthand for anal-expulsive? Or is it just that nobody’s heard of the term anal-expulsive? Call me meticulous.

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Waiting for Satan’s reply to this one.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

Somehow, I thought this thread was going to be about Satan and heatherlee again.

You know, I would have been extremely disappointed if the first post was NOT about why I had a caliper in bed :slight_smile: (who else here knows the diameter of their dick to three digits?). I couldn’t measure the length however…

A correction since I’m anal-retentive:

It should have read:

1 page: .004"
10 pages: .040"
100 pages: .400"

I hope that clears things up.

::I also pray to God I didn’t screw up the bolding::

That’s okay Drain. Coldfire will be along to add his two felching cents worth. Don’t worry.

Dopeler effect:
The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

Oh shit, I meant 4 digits, not three!



Not me but a girl I work with must have her money in her wallet in order of value. Thats the normal part. The anal part is the serial numbers on them must be in order also, and her money can not fold it has to be straight. She won’t buy a wallet that folds in half.

All we really needed to know we learned in Kindergarden

When I log onto the SDMB, I have to go to GQ first, then Great Debates, then the Pit, and finally to MPSIMS. If I log out and log back in (even twenty minutes later), it’s the same thing. On occasion I’ll go straight to an individual thread if I want to hear a reply to a specific post, but when I’m done I’ll always go back to front screen and continue in the order above.

I want to see someone try and beat that.

“Trying is the first step towards failure.” Homer Simpson

The best part is once she left her wallet out. So I mixed up the serial numbers on her and then put it back where i found it.
She new the minute she open her wallet to pay for something she new and got really upset. If I told her it was me that did it she peobally would not speak to me for a week.

All we really needed to know we learned in Kindergarden

Just fold it in half…

Does “anal-retentive” require a hyphen? Or just a colon?

I can be very anal, and I’m talking about the OP, not my sex life, thank you.

Yer pal,

When I sleep in bed, the covers must be even; i.e., with equal amounts hanging over on both sides.

I must tear out the subscription cards found in magazines when I come across them. Can’t just leave 'em there…nope…out they go…out, out, out, so that the magazine can close properly…whoops, there’s one now…out ya go! Sick, I know.

RealityChuck: My mom has a shirt that says that on it. Funny. =)

When i drink soda out of a bottle with a screw top, i have to screw the lid on after each drink, even if I plan on drinking from it in 30 seconds.

I also have all 400 of my CD organized alphabetically, first by band name then album name, they are also broken into categories:

I finally had to do this so I could actually find them.

Magnificent to behold - Greatly to be praised.

“Super-anal”? Shouldn’t that be “hyper-anal”?

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Nietzsche is dead. -God
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