How sure are we that Bush won? What are the chances of a turn around?


What do you guys think? Is there still any chance of serious further investigation or turnaround?

Call me desperate but I’m still having trouble wrapping my mind around the concept that a majority of Americans want this guy to run our country.

Me too, but since Kerry has conceded the race, what can anyone else do?

I’d say the chances are pretty small. I believe Ohio’s the closest large state, and even there things would need to swing by ~100,000 votes. Doesn’t seem too likely.

Well, he got a majority by somewhere in the neighbourhood of a million votes, and I doubt that’ll change. And really, would it help you wrap your mind around it if it ends up he got 49% instead of 51%? It’s just a fact that half the country picked this guy.

I just looked at the results again. Everyone was so fixated on Ohio (20 EV), where the margin ended up being 137k votes. Yet the final margin in Pennsylvania (21 EV) was 122k. So that’s interesting.

To the OP: chances of a 100k vote swing by any means? Pretty damn unlikely.

I’ll tolerate four more years of George W. Bush as President if we can get the corruption and skullduggery out of the electronic voting machines.

There’s no technical nor logistical reason why a simple e-voting system can’t be devised that has as easily-verified paper trail for recounts and certifications; the fact that we don’t have such a beast as standard equipment – and that the e-voting machine firms keep dragging their feet on the issue – makes me very suspicious.

What about any efforts to force the electronic-voting machine manufacturers to release their source code? I can understand ‘trade secrets’ in, say, MS Office or something like that, but how much innovation really goes into programming a voting machine that the manufacturers would really need to protect in order to stay competitive?

Any programmer could introduce, whether for personal reasons or under political pressure, some code that would randomly reject or change votes to produce the desired result. It’d even be possible to include information on the magnetic stripe used to activate the machines that would encode information about the voter and use that to determine whether their vote would be counted.

Having a machine with a paper trail wouldn’t be difficult, and with the stakes as high as they are, seems like a pretty common-sense thing to do. It would be easy for a liberal hacker to insert some code that would favor a candidate of his choice, whether by programming that into the machine from the start or by modifying them remotely or in the field. So why would a conservative oppose having a paper trail?

There’s nothing in the Constitution about concession. If the electors elect him on the Monday following the second Wednesday of December, he is slated to take the oath. He can resign, but that’s about it.

With E-machine being hacked by the mfrs, I wouldn’t be surprised that we will have to tolerate an unending succession of Neocon “4 more years.”

Was there a serious federal or state-by-state challenge to demand open source code and ballot printouts? Some of the millions spent to promote our lame-ass candidate might have been better spent suing the Diebolds of the world.

It might be too late when the DNC gets serious about this matter. By then, W will have appointed all the whacko right wing judges he needs who who will rule in favor of the GOP on this issue.

You say the mfrs are dragging the feet. Of course they are. They have some very bad shit to hide. But meanwhile, the DNC seemed to have stood around with their thumbs up their asses and allowed this train wreck to happen.