How tall are the brick structures at the feet of the Eiffel Tower?

Odd question this but I have a photography idea for my trip to Paris and I need a precise measurement for the height of the brick feet at the bottom of each corner of the tower. I’ve searched all over the internet for this, but struggling to find an answer.

You can see what part I’m referring to here - you may need to rotate the camera view point though:,0.56,90.0

I reckon they are about 4-5 meters but I could be mistaken! And I don’t think that, seeing as I have a slightly middle-eastern looking complexion, I should start measuring components of the tower with a tape measure!

PS: I’ll tell you my photo idea if you ask nicely - it’s nothing that special…

For what it’s worth, the 3D model that comes up on Google Earth shows them as being about 5 meters tall (base elevation 36 meters, 40 or 41 meters at the top of the supports).

You could load the model up in Sketch Up and measure more precisely, although I suppose that depends on the data used to make the model being precise.

Here’s a picture with a man in front of the base. That at least gives you a sense of scale. I’m not sure how you’d best define its height, though, even if you had a tape measure and access. From the top of the concrete-looking part to the main metal base? How precise of a measurement do you need?

That picture might be the right hand corner in this picture.

No answer, but I recommend this book for a very interesting, readable account of the engineering, politics and hucksterism behind the building of the tower: