How the hell do you store Potatoes?

I live alone and don’t cook a ton, but I like having potatoes on hand for side dishes whenever I do make a dinner. I don’t shop frequently, usually once every 10 days to 2 weeks or so so when I do buy things I tend to opt for the larger size. When it comes to potatoes I always buy the 5 lb bag with the intention of hanging onto them for as close to 2 weeks as possible.

To the point, how the hell do you store potatoes at home? Mine have a habit of sprouting within a day or two of getting them home from the store. After a week they are ready to be planted and inedible. It’s annoying, I know to put them in a cool dark place but apparently the cupboard that gets opened the least isn’t a very good analog for that. What’s a apartment dweller to do aside from hitting the store every 3 days and buying individual potatoes.

Ethylene gas builds up in small closed areas so potatoes go into sprouting mode. A plastic bag is not a good long term storage container as the moisture and ethylene gas build up will encourage sprouting or rotting. Never store potatoes with something like apples that produce prodigious amounts of ethylene gas. My garden grown potatoes are a stored in a dry basement in an open bin. They are not sprouted. It’s neither dark or bright lighted in the basement. The winter squash are stored in a bin over the potatoes and they are still fine.

Is the bag plastic or paper? IME, potatoes tend to last longer if they’re stored in paper (or better yet, just kept loose in a bin with a dishcloth thrown overtop to protect from light and moisture).

Also, you might want to look for a covered wooden box that you can use to give your potatoes a little extra protection, assuming you’re already using your least-opened cupboard and aren’t storing in plastic.

I usually leave them in the plastic bag I buy them in, it’s heavily perforated but perhaps that’s not getting the job done. I’m not sure what container would be best, I have a couple bowls and tupperware containers I could transfer them to uncovered but I suspect that air circulation there would not be much better. Hmm, what to use…

My aunt keeps her 5 pounds of potatoes in a box that’s perforated on the sides- like a milk crate, but not a milk crate specifically- under the desk in the kitchen. Lots of air circulation, not too much lighting.

Maybe I need to pick up a box of clementines and save it for taters.

A small flip top lid kitchen tidy is perfect. Just dump them in and pull them out through the flap to use them. Takes up no room and is neat and hardly airtight. Go for black.

I put mine in the fridge. Is that a bad idea for some reason? It seems to work.

Incidentally, why on Earth is this thread in Cafe Society?

Cuz it’s about food? Other than that I haven’t a clue.

I have no idea why your potatoes sprout so quickly. I usually throw the bag I bought them in in a cupboard or on a shelf and it takes a good 2 or 3 weeks for them to start sprouting. Weird.

Cafe Society includes cuisine. It’s the normal place for cooking and food topics.

Ditto with in the fridge

My potatoes typically don’t sprout unless I let them go for a few months. Which has happened, but I just discard them. It’s not like potatoes are expensive.

By the way health authorities say not to store potatoes in the fridge. For instance Food Standards Agency.

Try another brand of potatoes. Some are treated with anti-sprout stuff. Also, if outside is cooler then inside, you might store the box outside. However, don’t do this if it is freezing outside. Freezing kills potatoes, and dead potatoes rot within a few days.

The fridge is not a good storage place. It triggers changes in them.

Thanks for the info folks, I too have struggled with good potatoes gone bad. I knew about not storing them in the fridge or with onions and have always been baffled by people who could somehow store stuff like potatoes and apples long term.

That Home Depot gift card is gonna get a work out.

I keep mine in a basket on the kitchen table (out of direct light). They don’t last forever, but can certainly go two or three weeks.

I have read in numerous preserving books that you should never store them with apples. Apples (apparently) release a gas that causes potatoes to sprout more quickly.

What everyone else has said seems right - dark, cool location. I grew potatoes this year and they stayed good from August to just last weekend I used the last and they were just barely sprouting.

I keep mine on the kitchen counter in a Tupperware bin. It isn’t opaque but they last a good while. (Did have one go rotten a few weeks ago and played “What’s That Smell?” for a while, but that’s unusual.)

If all else fails, do what we do – try one of the Simply Potatoes varieties. I got tired of throwing away soft or sprouted potatoes. They cost more, but when I factor in the waste, it’s about the same. They’re pretty good, and no peeling.

I am SO glad I opened this thread.