How the hell have I missed these girls.....of the indigo variety?

I picked up Retrospective at my secondhand CD place. I think I have played Galileo* about 20 times in a row. Wow, why haven’t I heard more of them. Sorry got to go…middle 8 coming up

Ah yes, lovely music. I have a CD in my car right now- it’s the one with “Closer to Fine” on it. It’s damn near perfect.

Closer to perfect than that… wow they can belt one out.

Closer To Fine is track 2 on mine…wow.

I’ve been an I-Girls fan since about 1990, when a friend of mine (a bisexual girl strongly leaning lesbian) introduced me to their music.

Even my SIL, who is religious enough to think that their lifestyle is abhorrent, likes them. They’re great. What else can I say?

If you like them on a disc you absolutely MUST see them live. The intensity they churn out in person is not to be missed.

I would also recommend considering the two solo albums Amy Ray has released. Different style, but good for many of the same reasons.

All Indigo Girls fans are presumed to have seen this, but since you’re new:

Unfortunately, the existence of Your Roommate Sings the Indigo Girls has made it impossible for me to actually listen to Closer to Fine without giggling.

Pick up the live album, Back on the Bus, Y’all.

They used to play at the Little 5 Points Pub in Atlanta when I was in grad. school. I was lucky enough to get to hear them play live lots of times and have an autographed copy of their first album. Actual vinyl! Wonderful singers and very appreciative of their fans.

The roommate animation is terribly amusing, I have to say.

But it contrasts nicely with my own experience of having two very sweet lesbian girls in my room at college, both with guitars, singing and playing as well as the original. It was the first time I ever heard the song.

I hope the mods don’t condsider this resurrecting a zombie thread: it prompted me to dig out Rites of Passage, which I haven’t listened to for years.

Even though some of the lyrics now make me squirm, it really is the most brilliant collection of songs. Fantastic tunes, amazing harmonies; tremendously powerful and talented stuff. And humorous and unusual in places: Airplane, with the Roches doing backing vocals in the style of a jet engine, is a totally unique song. If you have the first album, you’ll absolutely love it.

(Closer to Fine is my party piece on the guitar, and that roommate animation is way too close to the truth for me…)

The Roches did back up on that? I had no Idea. I forgot all about the Roches. Three sisters? Right?

I’ve got to get more of them. Absolutely fantastic. ‘Land Of Canaan’ is one of the most powefull songs I have ever heard. Its seems best on Indigo Girls (Expanded Edition)
Release Date: October 03, 2000. Turn it up, it’ll knock your socks off. Damn, my CD is at work.


Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee is great too…