How the pubbies pad the roles in Fla.

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Gerrymandering. Elbridge Gerry.

Is it possible that the Pubbies in Florida were hoping to manipulate naiive and politically unsavvy immigrants into believing that they had to vote Republican? Some of them don’t even understand English very well, much less the American political system. If they’re coming from Cuba, it could very well be that some of them would assume that they were expected to vote Republican. They might not really get that the right to vote does not have quotation marks around it.
It could also be that the Pubs were hoping to artificially inflate it’s new registration numbers in order to give the (false) impression that there is some sort of ground swell move towards the GOP in Florida.

Florida is going to be a very key state again. GWB came very close to winning it the last time and the Pubs are doing whatever they can to him over the top this time tme around.

Most likely it was an over-zealous registrar who thought (s)he was doing a good thing for the Republican party. My mother, who is on the Board of Elections has run across this sort of thing for both sides.

Is it wrong?

Is it an attempt to currupt the system?

Are the Republicans the only ones doing it?