How the pubbies pad the roles in Fla.

They give new citizens voting registration forms with the party affiliation already filled out.

And it was filled out republican.

Heaven forbid he might make another choice.

And people support these people?

God help us if the repugs stay in power.

Rolls…not roles.

My bad

How will this benefit them? And why does the government want to know who you affiliate with?

At risk of probably sounding like a left-wing crazy man… :)…

It’s funny how the republicans are all about making things “easier” for cases like this, but ol’ Jeb tries to make it harder for ex-felons (read: “people who have already served time for their crime”) to restore their right to vote (as is/was being discussed here ).

Man… if only we had people working this hard in other aspects of our government…

Well, there is this (from the cite, bolding mine):


But they can still vote Kerry for president yes? They just can’t vote on who will be a candidate for anybody other than the Republican Party. Personally, I would only want people with an interest in my party winning being able to vote for its candidate.

OK, if this is all a mad ploy by the GOP and not some fabrication or mistake, what is the benefit? How is having disinterested voters registered (which only matters in the primaries) going to help the GOP?

C’mon Reeder, I know there is a mad conspiracy floating around in that melon of yours…

Rather than ask Reeder, why not ask the Florida GOPers who are investing their time and effort in pre-checking those boxes? Either they see some benefit accruing from it, or they’re complete idiots. Or maybe they’re complete idiots who see an illusory benefit.

Box. Not boxes, but a single box. Unconfirmed, at that.

Come on, no theories on what the heck the up-side to doing this is?

Actually, two people and possibly other members of their family allege all forms were pre-checked. About 200 people at the ceremony and presumably enough forms for everybody means about 200 boxes.

Maybe nothing will count as confirmation unless it’s from the GOP though.

“New voter registration data released today showed an astonishing increase in the number of registered Republicans. Republicans in the Florida legislature touted the news as an impetus for drafting new redistricting maps, a move immediately decried as ‘jerrymandering’ from the Democrats.”

Note the use of the plural in that quote, “citizens”. One box per form, plus more than one form equals more than one box.
Hence boxes. Is that clear for you now?

Hey, Squink, you beat me to the clarification. Darn you! :frowning:

Some days you kick a hole in the pizza.
Some days the pizza kicks a hole in you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Say, not such a bad idea after all! (Assuming redistricting efforts are based off of voter registration.)

Still, all we have are allegations by this one couple. Shrug

Actually, it is a bad idea. It’s a terrible idea. If one were to redraw the maps based on party registrations of people not unusually likely to vote for one’s party in the general election, one would find oneself, uh, surprised (and unemployed) come election day. If one signed up a ton of people for primaries who didn’t share at least some of one’s party’s platform, one might find onesself with unorthodox primary winners and reduced control over the party (not necessarily a bad thing, mind you, but a dumb one if one is a party boss).

I have no reason to doubt the story’s veracity, but this sounds like a few boneheads doing something wrong that is also not in their party’s best interest. It seems to me that a person who believes that something like this is sanctioned by the party’s leaders would have to abandon any conspiracy theories they might have had, as the leaders would be too dumb to put such a conspiracy together.

Not surprisingly, both sides pull this kind of crap.


I bet the little fuckers get paid according to how many registrants are on each side, don’t they?

Fuckin’ campaign finance “reform.” I got an idea – how about we stop making the taxpayers pay for the same two parties to run their guys every year and let their supporters do it?

So, Brutus, if you move to my state, is it OK if I include a voter registration card with “Democrat” checked off in your welcome basket? For that matter, when the hard-core conservative who’s been sleeping on my couch finally finds a place of his own, is it OK with you if I help him out by registering him as a Democrat? As I’ve mentioned a few time, I am a naturalized citizen, and became one right after graduating from college. I would have been highly offended if I’d been handed a voter registration card with party affiliation filled in, especially since I’ve been a registered independent for most of my life and am deeply disgusted with both parties. I also think it’s a bit of chutzpah for a party which has used some rather harsh language regarding immigrants and immigration to expect us to be willing to sign up to vote them in.



Not surprisingly, crazy fucks of the Liberal persuasion are keen to present an allegation by one single person two years ago as conclusive proof that such things occur.

So what was the outcome of the investigation? Was there one at all, you dishonest fucker?