How thick is 11 gauge sheet metal?

I have to build a control panel at work, and I’m looking through a catalog for panel material. Ideally, I want plexiglass because it’s easy to work with, but sheet metal has been strongly suggested as the preferred material.

I have a choice of 1/8th inch aluminum, or 11 ga. steel. The aluminum would be fine, but I think for this project, 1/16" would work, and it’s not a choice. How thick would the steel be? I certainly don’t need armor plate for this…

11 ga steel is .1196 inches thick. For comparison, 1/8" = .125"

How big is this panel going to be? 11 gage steel seems awfully thick, unless you’re doing something 2x3 feet with no support.

Given the choices, I’d go with the 1/8" aluminum as it’s easier to work with.

I’m looking for 12" tall, and 19" wide for a standard 19" electrical rack.

Both panels are overkill, but I’ll opt for the aluminum…

In that case… Perhaps you just need a different supplier? I’m guessing you’ve been shopping for metal rather than rack panels.

These folks have 7U (12 1/4" high) rack filler panels in 16 ga. steel at a decent price.