How to balance a ceiling fan?

Okay, I guess a few cheap ceiling fans have been dumped on me (bought a house with them already installed).

My problem is, they’re out of balance. The post I’ve linked above suggests they’re hard to balance, but does anyone know how???



Google is your friend.

There’s another trick that Ravenman’s link didn’t include. Before doing any balancing with weights, swap any two adjacent blades. If the wobble has decreased after this, then leave them and continue balalncing. If the wobble has worsened, then swap them back before going on with the balancing procedure. Often, this can eliminate the wobble almost entirely all on its own.

If you’ve got a four-blade fan, before going into the clothespins and weights described there, try swapping two adjacent blades. They’re usually made in balanced pairs, and if the installer mixed them up, wobble is all but guaranteed.

And yes, do check that all the screws are tight. You do not want to be in the same room with a fan that’s about to fling a blade out.

Actually the first thing you need to do is make sure that the motor housing is properly fastened to the bracket which is attached to the outlet box in the ceiling. After that work your way down.