How to book a suite like in the movie The Hangover*

I want to book a 2 bedroom suite in Las Vegas for next March. This is a lot trickier than it seems, as those types of rooms don’t seem to come up on any of the booking sites that I’ve found, or if they do, they are already booked a year in advance (more likely reserved for high rollers?).

Any of you degenerate gamblers have an insight into how to book one of these? We’re looking for one in a casino, on the strip near other places, preferably in a place with a decent sports book.

*Not actually as posh as the one in the Hangover, more in the roughly $500 night range.

Try I know you can find MGM Signature Suites on there.

Thanks, this is a good starting point. Just have to check how a/r my friends are about staying in a casino vs next to one.