How to broil steak


So my SO and I have decided to have steak (cheapo filets) for dinner tonight, however we don’t yet have a grill. I know that they can be broiled, but that’s it for my bright ideas. I’m in need of step by step instructions on how to broil a steak with an electric stove. Please note that my expertise with the stove boils down to how to light cigarettes off of the burners without setting my hair on fire, so I really need the basics too (ie the broiler is located… where?) Please help!:smack:

The broiler is the heating element at the top of the oven part (the oven roof, kinda). Arrange the top oven rack so it’s close to this element, and set the oven on BROIL.

This thread might also be handy:

But not too close.

Also, use a broiling pan if one’s available. It’s the two piece contraption that looks like a radiator.

Good Eats just had a show on this. Check out and then select Good Eats. The method should be under recent shows.

Just remember to put the batteries back in the smoke detector after you get done eating!

Serioulsy, make sure you have a good vent fan over the stove, 'cause you’re going to make a bunch of smoke, even with a broiling pan.

If these are cheap cuts, broiling will probably make them inedible. If you can manage to find instructions for braising on line, try that method instead (no time today to explain, maybe Zenster will be along).

The words “broil” and “steak” should never appear in the same sentance.

Adapting the innovative low-temperature suggestions of Heston Blumenthal, a 2-Michelin-starred chef in the UK, I’ve taken to heating the steak up to 70C (this is only 158° Fahrenheit) for about 20 minutes, to ensure that the whole thing is rare throughout, but the meat hasn’t toughened. This looks a bit oogy for most people, including me, so I then remove the steak and braise it on a very hot griddle-pan for a few minutes on each side, depending on people’s preference - I like my steak rare, so I just allow the sides to get brown lines. My missus likes it medium-well, so I put it on for longer. I can coordinate the timings of our steaks perfectly, since you can hold the meat at 70C for way longer than if you were cooking at a regular oven temperature - thus I can leave the rare steak in for several minutes longer than the medium-well. This way of cooking means that the steak is tender throughout, not bloody, and browned to the preference of the diner.

Unless you have a gas range and it is the drawer on the bottom.

Make a marinade of soy (La Choy always), and whatever spices you like. (For me it’s oregano, basil, parsly, garlic, red pepper flakes and black pepper), marinade for 15 minutes on each side.

Place on broiler for about 5 min, then flip. cook for however long it takes depending on your taste.

The soy will help keep it from getting tough. If you use a brand other than La Choy, it’ll probably get too salty.