How to Choose Sport Bra

I’m getting older, and so are the girls, but we’d all like to maintain some activity. I am considering getting a sport bra for the support but it’s been years since I bought one, my body has changed (not a lot, but some) and to be honest I wasn’t entirely happy with what I had before.

Then it occured to me - surely on the Dope someone has experience with this.

So - does anyone know the “proper” or “best” way to choose and buy a sport bra?

A month ago, when I joined Curves and decided to put myself through the trauma of Hell for 30 minute stretches of time three or four times a week, I knew I needed a good sports bra to keep the girls in place while I tortured myself. They tend to want to move independently of the rest of my body, and while some might find it hot (or maybe not), girls bouncing around on my chest hurt.

I wasn’t sure how long this health idea of mine would last, so I didn’t want to invest in a sports bra that had an equivilent cost of a small foreign designed automobile, so I headed off to my local Super Center and tried on several sports bras. I finally settled on one that while not hot and sexy, did manage to squish the girls flat as much as they’re going to be squished and it does keep them from doing the Cha-Cha on my chest as I’m sweating to the oldies. I don’t know the brand, but it’s high in the front and high on the sides (to keep them from bouncing out the sides) and it fits rather tight.

Go to the store, try on a few and jump around in the fitting room like a lunatic. Buy the one that fits the best and keep everything in place.

Get ones that are made of Gortex or Coolmax or similiar–the fabric wicks away moisture and keeps you more comfortable.

If you are very large chested (I am between a B and a C cup) I have no advice, since I have no experience. I like the ones at Target, frankly–not too expensive and they seem to do the job. Seriously, try them on–you’d be surprised how small some of them are sized.

If you can, get ones with a zipper in the front. There’s nothing worse than being hot and sweaty and trying to pull a tight elastic-y fabric over your head.

Um. I am just-so-conveniently equipped with two um…bra-fitting devices. Yes…that’s it…
Well, you see, what I can do is to stand behind you (or in front, I’m pliable) and affix these hands…er…devices on your chest.

Then we can find out…um…what are we finding out again?

Go to the nicest department store in the largest mall near you. Ask one of the ladies in the lingerie department for help. I’d target an older sales lady, older than 30 or so (don’t get one so old she can hardly walk).

They should know their stock inside out. They know what sells and what gets returned. Ask them to help you pick out 4 bras, ask the associate if she can stay outside your door while you try them on so that if you need a different size, she can get it for you easily. You won’t need to dress again.

Try to do this during non peak shopping hours, you will get much more attention (I would avoid weekends).

Buy only 1 or 2 of different styles and go home to try them out. If you fall in love with one, go back and buy more. Plan on spending 25 - 35 each. A quality bra will last 5x longer than one that costs half the price.

Makes shopping much more effective and you leave with the best product. I sure do miss the days when I sold bras.

We’re finding out who’s going to hurt you first - me, or my husband.


Department stores sell sports bras? Really? I’ve never seen them there…

“Boss - I need to take a day off to go bra shopping…”

I think one of my big complaints with the last sport bra I had was that it seemed to squish the sisters together so I develop a sweat rash where they met up. Um… not so sexy, you know? Anyone else have that problem?

Well, glad I could be of assistance!
They’re scientifically calibrated instruments, I assure you.

Down, boy.


Now, stay.

Good boy!


Title Nine is a webstore that serves women. All their bras have descriptions based on actual wear, and even a little dumbbell rating. As a D-cup, I got a four dumbbell rating bra from them and am very happy with it, even for running.

I very strongly second checking out Title 9. My breasts are a pretty ample C, and I often ride my bike over cobblestones, so having a good sports bra is pretty important for me.

If you want to go to a brick-and-mortar store and get a bra, head to a sporting goods place. Skip your local department store, and forget about the lingerie shops. Department stores and lingerie places are wonderful for day-to-day bras, and they’re perfect for finding bras to dress up with or to entice the lover of your choice with. But they’re not good for girding the girls for battle.

And here’s one more vote for not cheaping out on bras. The reasons not to do so have already been pretty well described by other posters.

Champion is having a sale right now. I can personally attest to the comfort and functionality of the Action Shape and the Double Dry Full Support.

FTR, I’m a 38 DD and these bras do a great job even while jogging.

Oh, and the size seems to run true to regular bras.

For plus sizes, the greatest place to find athletic wear is Junonia. They sell all kinds of active wear for plus sized women up to, I think, 4X, plus they have some regular clothes too.

Pshaw, if I were that easy to train, it’d have been done years ago.

Wow! That Title 9 does look good!