How to classify a certain type of writing

Lately I have considered writing some of my life down to work through some things. In addition I have always liked writing short fiction and was considering also putting in some fictional or semi-fictional content in it. Real names all redacted of course.

My question, how would you classify something that was partly autobiographical, partly embellished, without the intention of making people believe it really was the truth? Just general fiction?

Roman à clef?

Exactly what I came in to say. Here’s the Wikipedia link.

You’d call it nonfiction Capote-style. :smiley:
Kidding aside, Roman a clef seems to be what you’re describing.

It’s pronounced ro-MAHN-nah-KLAY, for those of you who don’t speak IPA. In French, the a in Roman is nasalized, if your the type who says “hors d’oeuvres” with a French accent.