How to clean a baseball glove - or why I'm going to kill a cat

** just kidding, no cats will come to bodily harm – no matter how much I may dream of it **

So I accidentally closed one of our cats inside the car last night while getting the groceries out. She spent the night in there, and when I went to get in the car to go to work this morning I was assaulted by the stench of cat poop. I also had the ever-lovin-bejeezus scared out of me as she comes skittering out of the car while I’m trying to figure out what the horrible smell is through my watery eyes. When I find the source of the smell, I discover that little miss About-to-only-have-eight-lives managed to place her turd across both of my son’s baseball gloves which were laying in the floorboard of the car.


So here is my question; can I effectively clean (and deodorize) these baseball gloves? How do I get rid of that awful smell? And they really do need to be fairly clean as my boys are 5 and nearly-4, so who knows what they might do with these gloves - chewing / rubbing their eyes etc. Or am I better off just buying new gloves?


rainy - who was having a pretty good day, up until I opened the car door today

If the gloves are stained you probably won’t get that out but Nature’s Miracle will kill the odors. Any normal pet store carries it.

Coat them liberally in Glove Oil. They’ll smell … different. Tell the boys that they’ll play much much better with gloves oiled with official pro glove oil.

So the poor thing is imprisoned unfairly, and does her best to carry out her bodily functions in such a way as to avoid staining your car’s interior, and you’re upset at her? If I were her, I’d leave a hairball on your pillow.


I’m halfway serious, however. A stain on the baseball gloves is probably the best outcome you could hope for from having locked the cat in the car overnight.

Well if her curious butt had stayed out of the car…

But I guess the silver lining is that I could just remove the stinky items and didn’t have to ride to work with that smell in the carpet.

And no hairballs on my pillow, she’d have to pick the lock for that. How’s she supposed to manage the rodent problem from inside the house? If they’ve gotten inside she’s already failed!