How to clean graffiti off of brick?

Would a power washer clean spray paint off of a brick house? If not, how would you do it?

You can try. It might work. Normally they sand blast it.

Try something like this.
Brick is very hard to remove graffiti from, because it’s porous. Even if the remover and power washer works, you are likely to have “ghosting,” so don’t expect perfect results.

I used to use a car engine degreaser called Gunk to get spray paint off of cement.

Ah so sand blasting would be the way. You can rent those, right? (This is all hypothetical btw, my house is fine)

You need to be very careful when sandblasting brick - if you use too-agressive abrasive, you can seriously erode the brick, which looks bad. I don’t think that sandblasting is a novice DIY project. Try the chemicals and power washer first.

I have a vague memory that you’re not supposed to powerspray brick as you’ll force water between the mortar and brick or into the porous brick or something like that. But I could be mis-remembering. If this weren’t a hypothetical, you’d be well off to check with an expert.

On another site I was once asked how to remove graffiti from rocks without killing the moss. I suggested liquid cooking oil. It was quite successful earningme the most positive feedback of anything I ever posted to the net. Yes, moss huggers.

I think professional conservators use something other than sand for this type of sandblasting. I’ve heard of ground walnut shells and ice pellets being used.

Yes, you can rent one of those. You will need to purchase the sand though.

Good detail to know, thanks Omar.

I used a wire wheel on a drill to take paint off of rock. Basically the same thing as sand blasting. Both are going to abrade the surface.

Back in the day, I participated in an effort to remove graffiti from some Native American petroglyphs. We used copious amount of Easy Off[sup]TM[/sup] oven spray and washed it off with water from a fire hose. Worked like a charm.

Sandblasting is not a clean process. Pretty nasty. You’ll end up with a beach by the time you’re done. And you have to have adequate protection for your lungs and your body. Professionals used supplied air, I’ve used one with a good filtration (painting mask) which is still taking a bit of a chance

We’ve gotten completely way from open-cycle sand-blasting for our equipment. For open cycle blasting, we’ve switched to a Cold-Jet machine, which not only works better then sandblasting, but has virtually no cleanup.

Would a oven cleaner work ?

I’ve used Goof Off successfully many times. They even have a section on brick.

I’ll second the notion that sandblasting brick will likely damage the brick

And corn husks.

zombie or no

that is a chemical that has to be used carefully and properly. it is made for a specific application and might be safe when used for that purpose. it is corrosive to bodies and clothing, it may be had to use it safely when attempting to use it for other purposes.

Check the label. I think the active ingredient is lye. Lye is highly effective on paint held together by ester linkages. It may not do much on newer paints with acrylic and styrene backbones.