How to construct a 4-Screen (7680px × 1080px) outdoor video display

I have a video that is 7680px × 1080px, and I need to display it outdoors. I’m have no idea where to start figuring out the best way to execute this.

Obviously, I can buy four displays, mount them side-by-side in a water-tight, plexiglass box, but I’m curious whether there’s a better solution (that won’t break the bank). I’d like to imagine that there is a modular LED product that allows me to snap together multiple, small panels, but the only options I can find online are for huge jumbotrons.

I would appreciate any advice.

Snap together tech for arbitrarily large displays exist. They are still all insanely expensive. Even for smaller applications. Sony and Samsung micro-led systems come to mind. They are directed at wall sized systems. Samsung even call theirs The Wall.

You don’t say how big a screen you need, and what lighting conditions.

You don’t say how big a screen you need, and what lighting conditions.

The entire display would be about two meters long in bright sunlight.

If it is night, or evening, a projector onto a screen from behind is a better option. You can rain-protect the projector itself, which is way easier than water-proofing four screens. You can reverse the left-right orientation so it looks correct.

Source: I have been to lots and lots of festivals and VJ’d (Video Jockey, yes it is a thing) many times.

During the day… I have no suggestions.

ETA - I posted too late, the OP has stipulated bright sunlight… so I have no suggestions.

The screen is about 7.1:1, and if 2 metres wide, only 28cm high. I have feeling this falls between the cracks in terms of available technology. Too small for current modular systems, too big for any single panels.

There are the ultra-wide gaming monitors, but they top out at 5k horizontal resolution, and 1.25 metres diagonal. They tend to be curved.
A pair of 3840x1080 flat gaming monitors side by side would get close. Modern monitors have pretty thin bezels, but it is going to be obvious that it isn’t a single image. Direct sun is going to make things hard too. Limits the possible solutions.

Otherwise, an 8k TV, and mask off the bits you don’t use. Samsung do an 85" 8k. Not quite up to size, but close. 100" is a few years off.

Outdoor LED is pricey, but really the only display tech that works in bright sunlight.

A more DIY solution would be a 4 normal HD screens. You’d need to get a computer that supports 4 screens (purpose made converters are really expensive)

You can get hundred inch 4ks. I doubt anyone would be able to see the difference at any reasonable viewing distance.

Could you hire one ?
A quick google in the UK shows it may cost ~$200 for a day.
(from a quote i found which was £75 per square meter !)

There’s always the low-tech solution that might help - a small overhang to put the picture in the shade out of direct sunlight.