how to crack a sacroiliac?

I’ve been in excruciating pain for over a month now. It’s right at the spot where my backbone is connected to my hipbone. I can tell it’s just maybe an nth of an inch out of joint- if joint is the proper word.

My chiropractor (who normally does wonderful work) can’t seem to get it back into whack. I’ve done stretching excercises, tried bellydancing at it (which has, in the past, done wonders for my spine), laid on a flat surface with a pillow under my back, bought a Tempur-Pedic matress (ok, only had it for a coupla days). Nothing.

Does anyone know a safe way to get my sacrum back into proper alignment with the rest of my spine? I can almost feel it grating against my pelvic bones. I’m suffering severe sciatica- terrible aching pain all the way down my legs and into my feet.

Pressing my hips down into my mattress, I can almost feel it start to move. I occasionally hear, and feel, a smallish “pop”, and some relief, but it doesn’t last, and it’s only a partial “pop” anyway. It doesn’t want to go all the way back into place.


I went for 6 months 3 times a week to a chiro for that years ago.Used to leave the pushing sessions in real pain-but looser.

A reaggravition a couple years later left me w/a painful crick and I went to an Osteopath because I couldn’t find a chiro in the town I was in.He did the usual chiro pushes but also prescribed a muscle relaxer.3 days later-pain was gone.

This is what he told me.When you’re in the kind of pain you’re in,your muscles go into spasm because of the misalignment,one side trying to pull it back while the other side tenses from the pulling (words to that effect).So it isn’t enough,sometimes to realign vertabrae (if you can in 1 session) because the spasm tends to pull it awry.

I’m no Doc but someone who’s lived with a bad back for years,and if I ever inadvertently over exert the region to the point of stiffness and/or pain-my first line of treatment is the muscle relaxers w/ on the floor stretching exercises.

I sympathize, Thea. My own sacral disorder was ruining my life until I consulted a chiropractor who was also an adept in Kundalini yoga. KY emphasizes breathing, stretching and relaxation; many KY exercises will help your sacrum by strengthening supporting muscles.

Maybe you can enroll in an KY class that will give you some relief.

I also can recommend walking as a quality exercise.


Um, is it marginally possible that it really is fractured? Have you considered having it x-rayed?

Thea, I screwed my back up about five years ago (if you have to ask what I was doing, you’re too young to know :wink: ), and what helped me were the exercises in the book Accupressure’s Potent Points. The pain I had sounds similar to yours, and there’s a simple series of exercises (too complicated to explain without pictures, or I’d do it), that fixed the problem for me. The pain would periodically flare up over a period of months and I’d do the exercises to correct it. After about six months of doing the exercises off and on (I’d only do them when the pain hit), the problem cleared up and has yet to return. I’m no doctor, and I don’t make any money off the book, nor can I prove that it wasn’t the placebo effect that cured me, but I can tell you that it worked for me, and I ain’t gonna be picky as to what fixed the problem.

(I can tell you that I’d have to do the exercises twice, before they’d “take,” but as soon as I finished the second set, I’d be better than ever.)

May I be the first to suggest seeing an MD about your problem?