How to create an Excel chart

Hello, long time lurker/infrequent poster popping in with a question. I’m not familiar with Excel and need to create a simple chart to document employee overtime. Any pointers would be very helpful; I’ve searched online and am feeling more frustrated than assisted by the tutorials I’ve found.

All I need to do is create eight categories of departments and document the amount of overtime hours per pay period that were worked for each department. The cost for this is increasing so we’re looking to document any trends that may be taking place within each department.


I’ll make you cookies…

You require two columns: one with the department name, the other with the hours.

Select the data range with your mouse and then click on the Insert tab and the column chart icon.

What kind of data are you starting with? Do you have an excel file with the information already entered? If so, what sort of data elements do you have in this file?

It’s hard to give instructions to make a chart without understanding the source data. :slight_smile:

On Office XP (what I got)

Make whAtever kind of chart you want,

And once you master the simple bar graphs, you might consider having multiple columns, arranged by time, and make a line graph to show changes over time.