How to decipher these lumberyard price list terms?

I am looking at a hardwood lumber product sheet from a local lumberyard, and am wondering what the following sort of terms mean.

I understand 4/4 = 1" thick, 5/4 = 1-1/4" thick, etc., and that these are nominal dimensions for rough lumber - if it is surfaced on 2 or 4 sides (S2S, S4S) it is somewhat thinner, correct?

How about the following terms?

4/4 S&B

4/4 FEQ

4/4 FAS

4/4 RIFT

4/4 QTR

5/4 #1C / HoM 15/16"

8/4 S&B / Rough

4/4 S&B (90/90 Color Sort)

1x4 C & BTR

S&B means “Select and Better” i.e., I believe, a good grade of timber free of visible defects, so suitable for more decorative uses rather than just structural.

FEQ = First European Quality.

FAS = “Firsts and Seconds” - i.e. the top two grades, similar I think to S&B.

I assume RIFT and QTR refer to rift-sawn and quarter-sawn boards.

BTR just means “better”, so “C & BTR” is “Grade C and better”.

Not sure about HoM.

HoM = Hit or Miss planing, which is also abbreviated H/M

Since it is planed it will be 1/16" thinner than rough stock.