How to destoy a car w/o being suspected??

The rules that you agreed to when you signed clearly prohibited asking for help committing crimes.
Unless “Destruction of private property” is legal where you’re from, you violated that with this post.
Please help this message board not get sued, and desist from posting further messages in this vein.

Can’t (won’t) really help you with your problem. But I just thought I’d mention that the thought of destroying a perfectly good Audi makes me sudder with disgust. Hence the user name.

5…, 4…, 3…

Oh, and if he carries no insurance on this vehicle, including liability, then that’s quite likely illegal as all get-out. Consult with your own insurance agent as to whether or not your personal policy covers you when driving his. If not, consult with a competent lawyer licensed to practice in your jurisdiction as to precisely how much crap you’d get into if you got into a wreck or traffic stop while operating this vehicle.

It, ah, wouldn’t happen to be a 1982 Audi Quattro, would it? Looks like a coupe, but with four-wheel drive, and faster than a same-year Porsche 911?

If so, you’re not just contemplating the criminal. You’re talking about murder.

Any bets on whether this is being posted on a computer traceable to the OP? (or even better, owned by his boss?)

+1 to that.

What about getting said old bastard to repair what is really a gem of a car. $10K to get it back in shape will be better than $50k for a new toy.

At least do us the favor of destroying it in such as fashion that someone will be able to salvage parts from it to restore another one.