How to discourage fat moochers [mourning doves]

Mourning doves! They are sitting on the 2" Rim at the bottom of a finch feeder. It’s a long tube filled with thistle seed for the goldfinches with little perches but they can’t come around because a mourning dove has squeezed its fat carcass onto the rim at the bottom so it can gobble down the seed for itself. Any suggestion how to discourage it? Put something on the rim maybe, but what?

BB Gun.

A 2" piece of pvc pipe fitted to come down from the bottom rim should prevent big birds from grabbing an edge and pigging out.
Some finch feeder designs don’t even have a rim at the bottom.

Simplest thing might be to buy a model of finch feeder that doesn’t have the rim on the bottom.

This is illegal as mourning doves are included in thelist of birds protected by the migratory bird treaty act.

Having pointed out that the advice is illegal, I guess I don’t also have to point out that it’s needlessly cruel as well.

I wonder if I am the only person to find the title of this thread not only misleading as to the OP’s content, but offensive. Reported.

But the results are delicious. And in my state dove season starts tomorrow.

There are feeders that have adjustable tension for the perch ring. Something as heavy as a dove would cause the feed ports to close.

Yep, there it is in the list of protected species:
DOVE, Mourning, Zenaida macroura

Thanks for pointing that out. I love the sound of mourning doves, though I rarely actually see them. If the OP is interested in a feeder for finches and other small birds that is inaccessible to the doves, I would suggest a separate feeder for the doves, too.

Dove season starts tomorrow here and it is legal as long as you have a regular hunting license and go online or call to get a free HIP number for migratory birds. All the ducks and other waterfowl on that list are certainly fair game (sorry) during waterfowl season. Googling, it looks like NYS does not have a dove season for bureaucratic reasons, though.

I have some hanging feeders and several pairs of mourning doves - but along with the cardinals and a few other birds, the doves never use the hanging feeders. They are naturally ground foraging feeders; I’m surprised they are using the finch feeder. So whenever you fill the hanging feeder, scatter some seed on the ground for the doves.

Emeril to the rescue.

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Scatter some sunflower seeds under the feeder, I’m feeding Eurasian collared doves and white winged doves as well as mourning doves. Dove season starts tomorrow, daybreak out here in the country it will sound like Dick Cheney is shooting it out with the ISIL hordes we’ve got swarming over the Rio Bravo. Me and the doves sheltering in place…

Why aren’t the doves as deserving of your free food as the finches?

First, I APOLOGIZE from the bottom of my heart for ANY INSULT, none intended.

Second, we were using a net bag and I went out and spent a lot of money for a proper finch feeder.

Third, there is already a ton of nyger seed on the ground under this feeder and I am astonished the mourning doves are eating off this new expensive feeder. We have a tray feeder on the deck 10 feet away, and the mourning doves are a permanent fixture on that, and underneath it, too. There is PLENTY of seed, and sunflower seed, and peanuts, to go around. We have squirrels and many many birds all year round.

I don’t care if there are mourning doves eating there, but I bought the expensive finch feeder just for nyger seed for the goldfinches. Who aren’t getting any.

But the doves don’t know there is a separate feeder for them! I could put up 10feeders and they would be at all 10! We have lots of bird seed on the deck for all birds (and rabbits and squirrels and the occasional skunk).

Knowing nothing of feeder design, but as a fan of doves (mine haven’t returned after abandoning a nest with freshly-laid eggs (been here 4 years) - can you just remove the rim? Could the finches still feed?

We’ll try removing the rim, or putting a piece of pvc pipe around the rim. I’ll think of SOMETHING. I’m surely bright enough to outwit a full-figured bird. I was hoping for some useful suggestions. So thanks for those.

Take it easy. It was a joke.

If I was serious, I would have said .22.