How To: Dopers Guide to Perks in Las Vegas

Ok, so I am going to Vegas again (finally!). My question -

A very good friend of mine is a lawyer (ya ya, he is a very smart guy, too). I mentioned I was planning on allocating $xxxx.xx to gambling and shows and such.

He said if I called the hotel/casino and opened a line of credit and got in ‘good’ with the Pit Boss that the hotel would likely gift me dinner passes or upgrades and such. I know the deal with the cliché ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get’, so I’ll be asking away while I’m there.

So - at what level will THEhotel start awarding these perks? What’s the first thing to say to the Pit Boss when I sit down at the craps/blackjack/roulette table to get the proper attention? How do I land the airline ticket for a return trip?

So Dopers, what’s your experience with this? Come on, share the knowledge! What’s the low down on this down low???

In truth, I am lucky to cop a free drink at the cheap tables I play on. That being said, give a Google to the Cheapo Las Vegas site. They have all the information you are looking for.