How to find background info on airplane movements?

For a couple of days now, I’ve noticed an Antonov An-12 flying over our house at about the same time every night. Yesterday, there actually were two planes a couple minutes apart. They really stand out because they sound so different. The buzz of these 1950s turboprops is very distinctive.

Looking at the FlightRadar data, it appears that they’re going back and forth between Brescia, Italy, and Gothenburg, Sweden. Does anybody know how I can find out more about this? Why are they doing this? I’m really curious. The website identifies the plane and the owner, but doesn’t have any more info.

Probably Ukrainian Meridian Aviation which specializes in “ humanitarian operations for the United Nations (UN), NATO, the Red Cross, and oil and gas clients. Its deliveries have included military and dual-cargo shipments.”

Here is a parallel thread in an airline forum that has someone speculating that the flight might be carrying car parts or electronics. And this Italian air travel website doesn’t provide much information but gives them as cargo flights.

Brescia lies at the heart of a heavily industrialised region, and its airport offers no passenger flights but does handle cargo, so that sounds reasonable.