How to forward "spam"

My son sent me an email of a real estate listing for a house he is buying. I want to forward it to my other son but the server keeps rejecting it because it is tagged “spam”. I use Outlook Express. Is there anyway to convert this to a regular email so I can forward it to him? I was able to receive it myself of course.

You could put the information into a text file and attach it to the email. Alternatively, if that fails, zip it up and try again.

I’d try changing the header of the email, to something that sounds less spamish. I doubt its your server thats rejecting sending it, and most likely his rejecting it because the spam filter is set high. Either that , or change your forwarding method. In stead of using your usual email, use gmail , hotmail, or yahoo mail, just in case he has your address marked as spam cause you might have been sending chain mail in the past.


I did think of this but basically the email doesn’t get out of the gate to get to hotmail. I did convert it to text but of course there are lots of pics of thehouse so without that it’s no good.

In the details it mentions fairpoint my provider so that’s why I thought it was getting stopped there. It doesn’t even go far enough to get rejected by his server. It gets stopped midway in the sending process.

I can see the X spam tag when I look at the code for the email. How can I change that? I did change the Subject line. What is the “header”? and how do I get to it?

Can you convert it to a PDF? I’m pretty sure there are free (and useful) tools out there that do that (we have Acrobat in he office, so I’ve never looked into it).

If all else fails, can’t you just send him the MLS link?

I forgot to mention that the house is no longer listed with a realtor. It’s a complicated story. He took an interest in the house in lieu of payment from a resident in his assisted living and she died and now they are trying to sell it with no luck. He will probably just get the house to settle the debt and he wanted to let me see it as I live far from him. But the heirs have not relisted it yet as they just went through probate.

If I could access the code for that email I could just remove the spam tag and maybe I could send it but I have no idea how to do that. Oh well.

Hmmm… I ran across more than one business that wanted to forward their emails to blackberry or iPhone. They did not have a good spam filter, so were forwarding spam too.

If you are lucky, the bb or apple only flags your site as spam. If not, it shares that info with most well-known blacklists and your site will take some effort to become un-blacklisted. Consequently, odds are your ISP also has a spam filter outgoing too.

Generally they look for keywords and patterns. Adding more personal stuff and less of the advert text will probably help. It’s hard to say exactly what triggers spam nowadays as the tricks are heuristic, changing, and secret.

Yeah, try taking a photo of the text and sending that. Or password-protected zip file.

Why not use a screen capture or window capture utility to create a jpg? Then paste and go.