How to Get a Predicted APR on a Credit Card

I just got my annual credit report and credit scores from the Big Three: EquiFax, Experian, and TransUnion. My credit scores from the first two are “Excellent”, but the TransUnion score is only “Good” (for reasons I strongly disagree with but have as yet been unable to win correction on).

My main question is: Is there any way to find credit card offerings that check EquiFax or Experian, but not TransUnion? This seems problematic, but perhaps not impossible.

Also, I read several months ago about a specific site that allows you to enter your credit score as input and obtain something along the lines of a “predicted” APR and fees from one or more credit card institutions. Unfortunately, I cannot recall anything more, and I’ve scoured the web 42 ways from Sunday and although I have found hundreds of sites using similar terms in a lot of different search engines, none of them actually fit that description.

Can anyone please help?

I have found the Credit Info Center forums to be very good for information regarding which credit cards pull which bureau.

I spent several years following this topic on various message boards, and the Druid posted what is likely the most useful link for this; most of the guys on the various boards point you to that link when you ask what bureau a given company pulls.
Given the number of items that are only reported on Equifax, I cannot fathom why lenders pull anything besides Equifax when decided whether or not to risk millions of dollars.
If it was my money I’d pull a tri-merged report from all 3 bureaus every time; I know one mortgage broker who only pays $7 for that.

Heh. Yeah, tri-merges don’t really cost a lot to businesses. I think we pay around 12 bucks. We pretty much always pull tri-merges because most mortgage investors want one, even if they are going to grade credit based on the middle score.

I’m sorry for getting back to this so late, but I want to thank everyone for their responses. Especially fluiddruid, who pointed me in the direction I needed to go.

But I must say that the summary of which credit-grantors used which CRAs was not accurate. I applied to one that said they didn’t use TransUnion, but that’s exactly what they did! I haven’t heard back yet, though.