How to get a search warrant:

This is just the story of someone whose bicycle was stolen and they couldn’t get the cops to actually do anything about it until they searched for someone else’s stolen iPad and the bicycle was found at the thief"s house.[INDENT]

A lot of times in the movies you see a pair of cops wondering, “how are we going to get a warrant to get into this guy’s house?”

Well, now we know that all you need to do is leave your iPad outside of their house. Who can resist picking up someone’s iPad? Well this iPad has tracking software and as soon as it’s inside the house in question, now you get your warrant.

Maybe there’s something easier than that?

The lesson here is never commit a crime involving a device that has tracking capabilities.

I’ve read that in modern police investigations pulling cell phone records has become as routine as dusting for fingerprints.

Leave your iPad outside their house and file a false police report claiming it has been stolen. Yep, easy as pie.

Except that the crooks have a camera monitoring their home and now have you on video camera as deliberately putting your iPad outside their home :slight_smile:

No it’s not routine. Some information needs a grand jury subpoena. Some information needs a full search warrant which is a pain in the ass. None of the information is just given to the police from the cellphone companies.

Right, they set up their own cell towers, and collect all the data themselves.