How to get myself banned from purchasing a gun.

I’ve always struggled with depression/bipolar, and recently moved to a New Hampshire. New Hampshire I’ve discovered has loose gun laws. It’s my understanding that I can buy a long gun without much hassle(I think there’s a waiting period and federal criminal check). I’ve got no serious or felonious criminal history, so I think I’d pass all their checks.

What I want to do is prevent myself from buying a gun, before I get too depressed to rationally choose. There are a few points in my past where I surely would have committed suicide if I’d had easy access to a firearm. It looks like the brady bill excludes me from purchasing a weapon, but all the provisions that apply to me aren’t actually tracked.

Provisions 3&4 apply to me, but how do I get that information into the national database?

I don’t mean to be a bummer, and I don’t want anyone to think I’m in crisis. I also don’t need anyone to say, “If someone really wants to die, they’ll find a way”, because it’s bullshit. It is incredibly hard to overdose, hang yourself, or gas yourself. Human instinct to live is very powerful and most suicide methods leave many opportunities to stop. I know this isn’t a going to solve all my problems, but I want to do anything I can do to make it harder while I have the will.

While there is a basic factual question here, I think the OP will receive a lot of advice on some of the underlying issues as well. Since it’s in part a legal question also, let’s move this to IMHO.

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I think getting yourself Baker acted might do the trick. Plus, if you do it near a NICE facility you can consider it a nice vacation.

Though that might seriously impair your future career opportunities.

It depends how comitted you are. If purchasing from a dealer you could answer one of the questions in a disqualifying way and that will prevent the sale.

You can see a licensed psychologist which has a duty to warn in NH so depending on the threat assessment they can do a number of escalating actions. Involuntary comittment will disqualify you, though I am not familiar if New Hampshire will report it to NICS.

if you are convicted of a felony you will be disqualified.

Most of these won’t apply to private party sales in New Hampshire and none will prevent acquiring a firearm though other non-legal means.

Many activities that will prohibit purchase from a dealer could have additional significant consequences unrelated to firearms, like employment.

I think the Baker act is a Florida thing, but I have been committed under what i believe ia a similar law in Massachusetts. I voluntarily entered a mental hospital, and wanted out once I saw that it was a horrible place. It was more of a homeless shelter than a treatment Center, understaffed to the point that I has to protect myself physically more than once.

They really tried to bully me to sign a paper agreeing to stay for as long as my doctor(who I’d never seen) felt I was safe to do so. I refused and there was a hearing with a magistrate and I lost.

As far as I can tell this information is entirely private. No employer has asked about it, and I came very close to getting federal government job. I’m afraid to reveal many more details, but let’s say the job one where I would assume they would check such things.

Maybe the OP could read about all the horrible ways of how trying to kill yourself have gone wrong. There is a famous person (won’t mention who because why should that information haunt till the end of your TV view days) who did the hand gun to the head thing. All he did was blow the front of his face and both of his eyeballs. Now he has something to really be depressed about.

Or find some horrible internet videos of people actually blowing their brains out.

A bit of that might cure the urge to go that particular route.

PS. I am sorry for the OP and hope he can get the help he needs to deal with the bigger issue here.

Shoulda used Yelp :slight_smile:

Thia requires me to be of sound mind at the time of sale. It’s unfortunate, but my hiatory has shown I cannot be assured of this.
Unless this is something that gets recorded and sent to NICS.

Any solution that will come up on a background check is off the table. I already have enough trouble finding work with big gaps in employment. I can’t tell them the truth, that I was mentally ill, because everyone knows how intractable mental illness is. Even though they legally can’t ask what the illness was, when you vaguely say you were sick a bunch of different stretches and expect that they’ll think you’re reliable.

It’s a chronic illness, I’m doing the treatments, I’m trying to do the right thing here and I feel like you’re mocking me. If you can’t help answer my question, please leave me alone.

You’re being a jerk.


I am not MOCKING you. I’m serious. Death by handgun is anything but pretty and often goes very badly. Getting the idealized version of how it goes down out of your head might well make you think “oh hell no…not doing it that way”.

Best of luck in your personal struggle.

I think you missed the part where I said I don’t want to shoot myself. I have a mental illness and I get spells where I can’t think rationally. You’re acting like I’m asking how to get a gun not how not to get a gun.

Why would you think a graphic depiction of a suicide would be helpful or appropriate?

Can we just delete this fucking thread. Thanks for ruining my day asshole.

Maybe I misunderstood. You want to not be able to get access to a gun because you might want to shoot yourself. Sounds reasonable. Myself and others have given you a few ideas. With the intent of helping. But, that only works in some situations. If you want to get a gun, you can get a gun. The best you can probably do is make it a bit harder to do so.

Part two of the problem is wanting to USE A GUN to commit suicide. I’ve suggested a way to maybe make you decide that route would be a bad idea.

If you don’t think that would help. Fine.

But that suggestion was in good faith.

PS. Don’t think I take this lightly. I know other folks with similar issues and at least 3 people in my social circle (which is not particularly big for that matter) that have used handguns to end their life.

Again. Best of luck.

I’m out of here for good.

The OP wants to know how to make himself legally unable to purchase a firearm with minimal or no interference with his lifestyle(i.e. no felonies that would hinder his job prospects).
Seems like a simple enough question to me.

I think you’re conforming to your username and being a tad excitable. But I’ll still suggest an answer. I have some limited experience with people with bipolar disorder, and I think the best thing is to have friends and family nearby who are monitoring you and can intervene if you go off the rails, so to speak.

Have you contacted the state to see if you can put yourself on the “banned” list voluntarily somehow?

You could add a permanent sticker to the back of your ID that says, “DO NOT SELL ME A FIREARM”

Firearm dealers can and should refuse if they have reason to believe the purchaser is in a bad state of mind. That being said, this is not a reliable safety measure. You mentioned above you were involved with a voluntary stay - under the law this would not be reported as a disqualifying event. Unfortunately, though the law allows for it, New Hampshire generally does not report any mental health related items to NICS. I believe in the 2014 time frame, NH had only reported a total of two mental health related records to NICS ever.

The primary ways to be disqualified and be on the NICS is through the avenue of mental health, or criminal history. Anything criminal may come up on a background check and you stated those were not viable options for you. And since mental health reporting is not practiced in NH, that is not a viable option either.

Based on your criteria, I can’t think of a good way to do what you want, other than answering the 4473 form correctly at the time of attempted purchase which as you stated is not reliable. And this is irrelevant if you purchase from private party in NH.

Get diagnosed that you are a threat to yourself or others and get committed to a locked down psychiatric ward for a week. I’m not going to tell you how to get diagnosed as a threat but try your Google Foo and don’t hurt anyone. If I remember, this will put you on the Do Not Sell list for ~5 years.