How to go about getting ahold of various illeagal and controlled substances?

There are many things in this world that are illegal for Joe citizen to own. Things like powerful poisons, drugs, various radioactive materials and powerful military weapons.

But screw you, I want em.

So, how to get them? Things like cyanide and arsenic, so often the cliched method for suicide in bad spy novels, there must be some legitimate way to get ahold of it. There must be some way that labs and industrial concerns with otherwise legitimate needs can legally buy these, how?

Also drugs. I doubt that when developing new detection techniques that the government uses seized, and possibly contaminated, materials. There must be some government sanctioned pot farm, coca farm, LSD lab, meth lab, etc in the country. There must be some legal way that various doctors, scientists etc. can get access to these items.

So what permits and such do I need to get my hands on various, otherwise, illegal substances? Are there any other goodies that I missed? How do I get them?


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Muad’Dib, please read the Registration Agreement carefully before you make your next post.

From the Registration Agreement:

While a part of your question might be legit, in that you want to find out what licenses you need in order to be able to legally obtain certain items, due to the very nature of the question we cannot allow it on this board.

In the future, please contact a moderator before attempting to ask such a question. This is closed.

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