How to handle a fix-it cut with a hairdresser?

I got my hair cut yesterday at a relatively new hairdresser (only 2nd visit), and took in a picture of the sort of cut I wanted (the Nicole Ritchie bob, if it helps). This cut is longer at the front than the back, with a slight geometric angular look - modern and fresh, but just long enough to be tied back, which is important with a new hair-pulling baby.

The cutter took a brief look at the photo said OK, and did the colour and cut. She spent a long time straightening it, and while it looked not quite right at the time, I just thought I’d come home and wash it and sort it out myself. I did that this morning, but it’s very clearly a 70s bob, shorter at the front than the back - pretty much the reverse of what I was after.

My initial reaction was to either give up and wait til it grows, or find another hairdresser to try to fix it, but I’ve spent good money and it would be a shame to have to spend more. But, I’m not good at friendly confontation.

I’ve rung the salon and explained the problem, and the’ve scheduled me in to see her again on Wednesday. My question is, how do I handle this without seeming to be a complaining fussy bitch? I have a feeling that she won’t be able to fix it completely, since to make the back shorter than the front now will make it too short to tie back - but I really don’t like it like it is at the moment - it’s very frumpy.

Just be straight forward with them and direct. You’ve explained to us really clearly what is wrong with the cut. I would wash and dry your hair and use no product and do not try to style it at all. Go in with the picture and just explain what you’ve told us.

If the salon is reputable they will offer to do what they can to fix it at no charge to you. Obviously there may be little they can do until it starts to grow to make it better, but I would ask them what the options are for fixing it and then make your decision.

A good salon would much rather fix it the best they can at no cost rather than lose you as a client and tell people of your bad experience.