How to hire someone to create a spreadsheet?

Since i have not found a financial spreadsheet to do what I want and I don’t have the excel skills to create one. I want to hire someone. I have a powerpoint of what what I want to accomplish but have no idea what sites to go to in looking for an excel “programmer”. Nor do I know how much to expect it to cost me.

Is the powerpoint too confidential to post? The difficulty will depend on what you need it to do; it might be easy enough we could walk you through it (or impossible, for that matter).

There’s plenty of websites that provide help on creating formulas and macros etc in Excel. Google is your friend.

elance,, odesk,, or any of the other freelancing websites.

If it were important enough to pay for, I’d hire someone at my CPA firm to create it. I wouldn’t count on some bloke to knows how to use Excel to create a complicated financial spreadsheet. On the other hand, a firm of talented accountants will definitely have people who know to to use Excel.

Nope not confidential at all. I’m looking to find the powerpoint file.

I am going to look at I had tried to hire someone off Craigs List but after spending $100 I didn’t get the spreasheet that did what I needed and I don’t have the rights to distrubite it to others.

If you’d like to learn and have a few hours and $25 to spare, you can join The tutorials are not absolutely exhaustive, but they walk you through the software at a slow but steady pace, from the very basics up to some of the more advanced features. It won’t make you an expert, but you’ll have a lot more confidence working with the program.

I’m pretty darn Excel handy, if you post the PowerPoint I’d be happy to take a crack at it.

Ok I can’t find the powerpoint I made so I recreated it as a Word Doc. The excel document that doesn’t suit my needs plus the word doc is (hopefully) on my Google Drive

I’ll have a go, too, depending on what snowmaster says. I think I can do a better job than the one you have in your Google Drive pretty easily.

You’ll create a new workbook each month?
What version of Excel do you own?
Will the goals page mainly be an end of month check of available funds to apply to an account?

Although it’s an Access Database forum, there’s plenty of Excel wizards there also:

Or I could…

Ouch. In the future, a signed contract is your friend.

Yes I know this now.

For both the client and the vendor.


Is it strange that I find it wrong, in some kind of actual moral sense even, for people to be doing this for the OP for free?

Like, if you enjoy it, I feel, you should do it–and take however much people are willing to pay you.

(Of course I have to acknowledge that if two people are willing to do it for free, then competition will drive the price down to free. But I just don’t get the whole “willing to do it for free” thing in the first place. Someone offered to pay you!)

Dave, I was going to use the same workbook each moth updating the new account balances.

The goals page is what % of utilisation I am aiming for

I believe that FICO uses both the overall utilisation off all accounts plus the utilisation of each account to contribute to your score.

I am using Excel 2010

snowmaster, Dave Hartwick and compositejoe Please send me an email (in profile) telling me what you would charge for this.

Frylock I do find it wrong to take the offer of free work when I originally asked for advise on how to hire someone to do this.