How to hook up an FM modulator in a car

OK… my friend has a TV in his car which is hooked up to a Playstation 2. I hear the only way to get sound from the PS2 to your car’s speakers is to use an FM modulator so you can play the music off the radio. Does anyone have a link or instructions on how to properly hook up the FM modulator to play through car speakers?

From the looks of it, it plugs into the stereo’s antenna jack. I would assume that the antenna plugs into it. I don’t know about power connections.

FM stands for frequency modulation, so a FM modulator is like an ATM machine.

What is the audio out on a PS2? My CD player has a built in FM transmitter, so it can transmit the CD audio to the car’s radio without using a cord. One of my friends has a black box that does the same thing, but isn’t integrated into the CD player. Is that the sort of thing you’re looking for? This sort of thing: or see more: