How to hook up computer to tv screen?

I have an nVidia ti4200 that has a tv out, though I don’t know how to use it. What is the process I must go through in order to hook up my computer to the tv? My tv has the S-Video cable running to it from the computer, but I’m not sure if I have to tell the graphics card to divert the screen image away from the computer and to the tv. Hopefully one of you can help. Thanks.

Bring up “Display properties” by right clicking on the background.

Go to Settings --> Advanced --> Output Device

Change that setting from “Analog Monitor” to “TV”.

there’s no option that says “Output Device” I’ve looked through the settings and can’t find anywhere that controls where my computer’s video is being sent. I will update my video card drivers and hopefully I’ll be able to change those settings.

You’re prolly using the Det 40.XX drivers.

In that case

Display properties > Settings > Advanced > Geforce4 > Device Selection.

Make sure you have your Resolution set to 640x480 or possibly 800x600 depending on what your TV will support. Always best to start with 640x480.

I can get to a screen where I choose the output device, but it doesn’t let me click on TV, it’s gray. What do I do to enable this option?

Just a WAG. Maybe this particular card is set up as a twin-head, and the TV-out can operate independently.

In which case, go to Display Properties --> Settings, and activate screen 2.

Some cards, like the one I have, require that your tv be ON before you start the computer,then you can select it.

The option will be grayed out if the s-video cable is not plugged in to the back of the card. Also make sure that its plugged into the tv and it is on.