How to I show my pictures?

I hate feeling stupid, but here goes. I’m pretty 'net impaired.:rolleyes: I don’t have a web site to post pictures to. Is there another way to show my pictures to my Doper friends?:confused:

Not on the boards per se - if email is not an option, you could find a friendly friend and ask them to host the pics for you?


The simplest thing is a free web page from

They have lots of formats, select the “Page Wizards” for easiest use.
They will walk you though the steps. There’s a photo album format that’s easy.

Then you post the link to the website (not individual photos)

Ohintheblink thank you, I’ll try that. I’m facing a big up grade on my machine, and not looking forward to it. I have to reformat my harddrive and start over. Having my pictures stored on line means one more thing I don’t have to burn.

Or use

The problem with Geocities is their bandwidth limit. If you link pics and the thread is popular, the site will be locked down by lunchtime.

I’ve had good luck with for sharing photos easily. They even allow fullsized images.

I guess I forgot to mention I drive a Mac. The sites suggested don’t support me :frowning:

Sometimes you can have your files or pictures in your case stored as part of your ISP account. I know that I can with SBC/Yahoo. You might want to check that out plus I would always recommend that you have valuable data and or pictures backed up on a CD just in case the hard drive decides to die.

Open an account at picturetrail dot com.

:confused: I use a Mac. I also use both msn and webshots.