How to improve website rankings

Guys what are the basic ways of improving a website’s ranking on the famous search engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN…with millions of websites offering the same keywords and same functionalities how can one improve the ranking? Please give me the options and strategies of achieving this?

Basically every search engine site has pages that explain their ranking systems and places like are packed with useful information of this type.

There is no one size fits all answer.

I think it boils down to:
[ul][li]Make sure your page contains the right keywords (i.e. ones likely to be used by your target audience/reader).[/li]Try to get as many people to link to your page as possible.[/ul]

I do professional search engine optimization. Your question is unanswerable without knowing what keywords you are targeting. If you want to come up #1 on a search for “furry magenta penguins”, getting to #1 on Google for that is trivial. HOWEVER, if you want the #1 spot for “lesbian porn”, or some other very competitive search, this can be EXTREMELY difficult.

Lets say I want to be atleast on the second page on google for Logistics software…is it possible? I know there are thousands of software with same words within the pages…any strategies I can follow?

“Results 1 - 100 of about 8,680,000 for Logistics software”

Forget it unless you have lots of money to put into this, and plenty of time to start doing well on Google. That is a very competitive search phrase. And, it’ll be expensive if you want to go the route of buying Google Adwords. I just checked my Google Adwords account.

“Ad estimates for this maximum CPC: top position 85.0% of the time; 6 clicks per day; $25.92 cost per day.”

If you want to buy Adwords for “logistics software”, and come up at the top most of the time people search that, expect to pay on average $4.32 for each time someone clicks on your Adword, with a typical cost of $25.92 a day. That’ll cost you $770 a month.

As you might expect from the above advertising costs, paying a professional SEO to try and do well in the natural SERP is gonna be expensive. And, with SEO it is always a gamble. Even if you pay well for the best of SEOs, you may still be buried so low in Google on searches that nobody will ever find your site. The Google algo is often fickle, and hard to beat.

Thanks for the advice…now that I can tell our manager to forget it and stick to someother form of advertising…[Budget doesnt allow us to spend too much money on hiring a professional company to do it for us] :cool:

You wouldn’t have to hire another company to run a Google Adwords campaign. Even you could likely manage such.

There’s some good advice, especially for people who don’t want to spend money on a professional company, on this site.

One general thing I can think of is, by using CSS when designing your webpage, you can layout the HTML is a way that is better for search-engines.

For example, if your site contains a top-menu and a side-bar menu (like most of all webpages nowadays…) with the main content in the remaining area; make sure you position the main content at the top of the HTML file (faster access to the main stuff for the search engine spider), with the menu-code coming below it. By using CSS to position your text you can layout your HTML with the main content first, but still having the menu(s) showing up above and/or to the left.