How to keep stray cats out of my yard.

I know I will end up getting flamed for this, but I must try in order to fight ignorance. Also, MrsSgtSchwartz is allergic to cat hair. I don’t want them in my yard because I don’t have pets, nor do I need them.

I know a lot of Dopers love cats, and I respect that. I don’t. I know they are not vermin, but they are in my backyard and leaving hair on my deck chairs.

How do I keep them out of my yard?

SSG Schwartz
Please do not read this as a request to post your cat photos, please

Pellet gun?

The last time I went to Petco, they had some stuff that was supposed to be good for repelling cats and dogs from your yard. You might want to check out your local pet-supply store for something like that.

Cat repellent.

Cat repellent in action.

Cat repellent.

I had no idea there was cat repellent, and thanks, Chris and Pygmy Rugger, but I would like to stay out of jail.

SSG Schwartz

We have the same problem. I found a solution. It is not politically correct, but it works.

Those videos are pretty funny.

No No he wants to keep them out of his yard not keep them there in his yard until he skins them.

If you have an area to protect that is more than the SSScat can cover, consider cat fencing. Most cat fencing is designed to keep cats in a yard, but they also keep strange cats out.
Here’s an example
And here’s another

Check if your local codes restrict “animals at large” and whether it pertains to cats. Then get a humane trap and take the cats to your Animal Control or equivalent, and let 'em know you trapped the cats on your property. They shouldn’t ask any more questions.

(Sorry cat lovers, unless you want to come to fix my flower beds, follow the law and control your damned animals. Lesser people would use antifreeze as an enticing treat.)

I knew someone who used what seemed to be a homemade version of the cat fence idea to keep her cats in her yard. One time, one of the cats found a path through, couldn’t figure out how to get back, and had to be rescued.

Another possibility is using some kind of citrus smell - cats don’t seem to like it very much.

If you have a pest, the urine of its predator is usually a good repellant. There are granulated cat repellants with the scent of fox and coyote urine you can buy and spread around.

Repeated sprayings with a hose are pretty effective, but you have to catch them in the act.

Alum is also a good cat repellent, though I’m not sure where to tell you to buy it.

1920’s style death ray?

Amen. This is the best advice for the OP and for the cats. If the animals are owned, the owner can retrieve them and be admonished to keep them off other people’s property. And if they are not owned, then they have been rescued from a sad and short life of abandoned misery.

They are indeed, it was all I could do not to burst out laughing at work!

That is an answer I would endorse. In addition, if you know who owns the cats, giving them a heads up regarding your plans would allow them to deal preemptively with the situation.

Thanks for all the suggestions. babygirl is currently visiting the pet shops now for cat repellent. If that fails, we will try the traps. We never seriously considered the anti-freeze anyway. (well maybe for a second or two, but would never actually do it.)

SSG Schwartz

Other than trapping and removing the cats from the area, the only cat repellent I know that works well is a big dog.