How to locate a rare videotape?

I have a sentimental attachment for “DIARY OF A MAD HOUSEWIFE,” which I actually own a videotape of, but which I’ve taped over (a Seinfeld episode) by mistake. Unhappily, this videotape is out of print, and I’ve been unable to locate a copy anywhere. I’ve tried looking for it for years in used videostores, at garage sales, on-line, through Amazon, and I’m simply stumped. Anyone have suggestions for places I might look that I haven’t tried yet?

This is the part for Carrie Snodgress btw that so entranced Neil Young that he fell in love with her and had a LT RL relationship with her years later, after he met her. Maybe he bought up all the available copies?

How much are you willing to pay? Amazon listings

Half dot com has it also – I just emailed you the link.

Wow, thanks. Those are expensive copies but I’ll try 'em. Sometimes Amazon’s had it, and when I ordered I got back a message saying “Sorry, out of stock.”

How’d you find a list of places to look? (So I need not post this lame request whenever I tape over an old favorite.)

I always start at half dot com for books, cds, and movies.

Amazon, and are my first stops for movies, for books. Failing that, a Google search in the format: title media buy will usually find what I need on the first page, so “Diary of a Mad Housewife” vhs buy returns this.

I wish there was an online service similar to for videotapes.

Go up into the woods, book a cabin, and ask if they have a lending library.

Find the tape that doesnt have cover, and or prefessional graphics on the tape casing.
Take it to your room.

Die 7 days later.
Rent it for six bucks plus exact postage (around three dollars) and make a copy.
Assuming it is in the public domain, I am not advocating illegal copying.