How to lower blood pressure. Resperate?

Anyone have any experience with this allegedly blood pressure lowering product?

I would love a non-drug way to lower blood pressure but they want quite a bit of money for something that just tells you to breathe slower.

I have a bold prediction about what the google ads will be for.

I’ve no experience with the product you posted, but if one really wants to reduce blood pressure without drugs or costly equipment, then reduce the salt in one’s diet, exercise more, and lose weight if one is above their ideal weight.

Frankly, the device as described just seems to me to be another way to do a little relaxation therapy, which can be easily taught to someone without needing the device.

I popped in here to tell you about how I lowered my blood pressure (by accident, basically, it wasn’t high before either), but Qadgop nailed it: reduce salt, exercise, lose weight.

I’ve asked my doctor about salt intake before and he basically said that I’m young enough for that not to be a factor. :dubious:

I don’t know, but I do know they ran all sorts of other fun tests on me like renal doppler ultrasounds, renograms, and lots of bloodwork.
Nothing wrong in any of those tests I guess, so then he put me on a low dosage of Benicar.