How to make a custom patch and cap?

Hey all, some of my fellow aid workers and I have an idea for a custom patch that we would like to have made and sewn onto hats. None of us are artistic, so basically I want to provide someone with a written description of the patch, approve a proof and then order hats with the patch sewn on. Ideally I’d like this to be a one stop-shop that handles the whole thing from design to production and be of high quality.

Has anyone ever done something like this? Is it big bucks? We’d probably only want a dozen or so hats. I’ve poked around on-line, but I’m looking for anyone with recomendations.

Thanks in advance.

This is a common situation for a lot of kid’s activities (Indian Guides, Boy Scouts, etc.). There are businesses that will do just what you describe. Here is one place. I’ve linked to the prices; they are reasonable.

Just re-read and saw the part about sewing on hats. For that, you could just take the hats and patches to a cleaners. Many cleaners will sew on patches for a dollar.

I’ve heard good things about this company for having a custom hat.

Having patches sewn onto a shirt costs $3-$5 at the dry cleaners. Having a patch sewn onto a hat may cost more - it’s more difficult. does custom hats. If you want to just design something on the computer, have it printed on a patch and sewn onto a hat they can do that on a one-off basis. They aren’t embroidered patches, they’re printed on fabric and sewn on around the edge. The hats are black. It may not be the best option but it’s good for low quantities where some companies may require a minimum order. Here are their hat options:

Forgot the link :smack:


Thanks for the links guys, I’ll check them out and if I ever get around to doing them I’ll post a pic of our “unit” patch. (It’s actually just a bunch of foreign aid workers who have managed to get drunk and almost in a fist fight with one another on three different continents).