How to make an old column more 'current'?

Now I know How a bullet or a knife kills somebody, what I don’t know is how Cecil manages to sneak in a phrase like “Tom Clancy technobable” into a column that supposedly predates Tom Clancy’s first book by several years!

Yeah I noticed this too! The column is dated 1979, but Tom Clancy’s first book wasn’t published until 1984.

Anyone care to explain? I know, I know. He probably went back and edited it to make it “more current” as naita suggests. However, it seems a bit disingenuous to put incorrect dates on a column or fail to indicate that it has been edited.


From the archive search page:

“We are currently in the process of updating the older columns and consolidating them with our archive of classic columns, described below”

It’s time travel, of course.

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What? You doubt that Cecil knows All?? … scoffers.