How to make progressives look dumb

I subscribed to Ode magazine, which is for “intelligent optimists”, so it tells me. I can groove a bit with its “take your reusable hemp bag to the grocery” ethic. I fully intend to recycle my plastic ones, but I figure it’s about the same thing.

Then they go and print this article:

If you wanted to do for the leftists what Limbaugh does for the rightists, mission accomplished.

Your post is a non-sequitur.

So’s yours, as it makes no sense in context. Perhaps you were trying for something like “is redundant” or “is superfluous,” assuming you’re not exactly of the progressive ilk?

To the OP - this is like why I don’t subscribe to Vegetarian Times. I’m a vegetarian and interested in some nature conservation/organic farming issues, but then they throw in the fluffy stuff like aromatherapy, homeopathy, etc., and I just feel my eyes roll. Yes, that’s all lovely stuff and follow it if you want, but it’s got jack-all to do with why I eat how I eat.

Actually, yours is the non sequitur.

Damn! Too slow.

I assume you mean tautology. It’s not the same thing.

What does one article by one person in a magazine that I don’t subscribe to have to do with my liberal politics?

Is everyone who has ever believed in reincarnation “dumb” or is it just people who see it as a science?

Can one person make millions of others look “dumb” just by being a member of the group?

Sadly, yes.

– pointing and laughing –

I have no idea what it has to do with your politics. I’ve never talked with you. My point is that this was seriously probably the most credulous, uncritical article I’ve ever read in a “mainstream” publication. Maybe I don’t read enough “hippie” literature to have this beat.

As for reincarnation, I put it with the rest of meta-physics, and yes, I include my fairly-stalwart Christianity in this: You need to have some logic/anthropology/proof behind you. I’m not looking to just make myself feel better, I’m looking for truth.

I understand your point about “one” person making an entire movement look bad, and it’s a valid point that a small number does not a movement make. I make the same point about various Christian organizations that I run away from. But I still criticize them openly. Heck, I recently went to a Sunday service at which the pastor openly dissed TBN.

:: Looks at Zoe’s straight line ::

:: Looks at current occupant of White House/Member of Republican Party ::

:: Snorts Pepsi on keyboard ::

The OP intimated that the article had political content. It did not, hence my comment.

Now, If you want to examine the evidence for reincarnation (minus snarky wisecracks),
make a fair and unbiased examination of the case histories, and get back to us,
then go for it. But it had nothing to do with politics.

I’ll also note the link at the bottom of the article to one of the few (relatively) more
sober-minded transpersonal mags, What is Enlightenment?, which I buy regularly.

Actually, the conservatives made themselves look “dumb” by voting for him. Bush couldn’t have done it himself.

Really? I’m getting cell-phone recycling ads.

This is the Pit, not GD. Fair and unbiased examinations sometimes happen, but usually by accident.
The OP intimates that the magazine gives leftists a bad name, not that the article had political overtones.

The OP said that this appeared in a magazine that styles itself as progressive, although it is entirely credulous about a religious doctrine that buttressed a system that was “conservative” in the sense that Ronald Reagan was a “liberal.”

Thanks for that link. I’m joining PETA, plus buying a few buttons in case I bump into the lady. Looks as if she could use a few.

The story the OP links to highlights something I’ve noticed over the years: People are much more ready to believe bullshit that comes from a child. This reminds me of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle swallowing the Cottingley fairy photographs unquestioningly because they came from children.
Children have great imaginations, and if telling a story gets them attention, they can come up with some incredible whoppers. Parents, relatives, and adult friends of children are usually the most willing to believe what a kids says. Parents also don’t seem to realize a kid hears everything a parent says, and stores it away. So, the kid knew his grandfather died from being shot, and the names of pets his mother had? What is more likely, he has a link to the beyond or that he overheard this information in a conversation?
What’s really telling is how towrds the end the article notes that kids tend to “forget” the “memories” around age 7, and become adults with no interest in the paranormal. Any child psychologist will tell you as kids age they care less what adults think, and more what their peers think. And other kids are not snowed by the same bullshit adults are because they have no emotional rationale to help them believe bogus tales. Case closed.

So, “intelligent optimists” = Leftists?
Hmmm. I’ll have to re-think my whole world view. Be right back.

Yes, but when you’re done with your copy of Vegetarian Times, you need only spread a little mustard on it, and… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley:

Honestly, this is why I hesitate to discuss/argue things on an open board. I never said that. I was describing a bit of the tone of the publication. Pick it up, you’ll see that the odds are bascially 0 that anyone on the editorial board ever voted Republican, somewhat similar to the odds that the Car and Driver editors are voting Democrat.

As an illustration of the attitudes and inclinations of the readership, here are some ads from Ode this month:

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The Yoga of the Nine Emotions

Greenfestival - You want to be green, but have questions.

Organic tampons

BetterWold Telecom - We plant 25 trees a month if your bill is over $250/m

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