How to modify a chimpanzee...suggestions needed.

We got in at work an Chimpanzee Alive which is very cool, high quality and stuff for about 5 minutes.

Naturally, we would like to modify the voice on it somehow to use for parties and whatnot. Getting it to talk in a dignified voice would be da bomb.

The question I put to all you smurt people out there is, how does one do something like that?

(We have no instructions on this at all. It is in perfect working order. It is from Sharper Image, notWowwee.)

I found their manualpdf. But it doesn’t mention anything about changing the voice.

You might try a Google search for “Hacking Wowwee Chimp” It is not uncommon for people to post instructions.

Go to the .cfg file and add the following:


It doesn’t often come up, but you’ll be glad you took the trouble if it does.

Oh. My. God. shudder

It’s R2D2 and the Predator’s bastard child

Glad to see I’m not the only one with a permanent mental scar from that one.:smiley:

Yikes. That’s one YouTube clip where the vuvuzela button comes in handy.

I came in to suggest that you should add wings to your chimpanzee, but I guess that isn’t what you’re looking for.

Modify a chimpanzee? tell you what; you could file its legs down a bit, take its snout out, stick a few wires through its cheeks. There you are, a lovely pussy cat. Of course it wouldn’t a proper cat. It wouldn’t meow. It might howl a bit though.

As drawn by R. Crumb.

I was afraid it was gonna be a budgie job!

There are some things you just can’t un-see…

And the chimp’s head is on my bosses/'s/whatever filing cabinet waiting for some kind of vocal inspiration. It’s kinda creepy in an R. Crumb kinda way.

I’ll share the pdf with bossman. Thanks!

Sigh. Chimpanzees <> monkeys. Howler monkeys (like most other monkeys) have a tail. As chimpanzees are closer to apes–and are therefore tailless–you can’t easily transmogrify one into a cat. Well, you could, but you’d have to go to a retail store to finish the job.

::Reads post, shoots Rhythdvl, accepts acclaim of a grateful world.

Since when did they make a Ringo action figure?

I’m thinking if you take out the teeth, you might have a, er, um, interesting and intimate …

Oh fuck it, robot chimp fellatio and cunnilingus.